IESNYC's Student Lighting Competition

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Over 100 students from design colleges and universities across New York City participated and displayed their innovative lighting projects at LEDucation Trade Show & Conference on March 7th, 2023.

This year's theme, Circle of Light challenged students to construct a three-dimensional study, exploring how light plays a role in the cyclical nature of life. Light has a critical function in many of life's cycles like the human circadian rhythm, the lunar phases and the changing of seasons. The cycle of light can be considered with regards to a product life cycle and the cycle of sustainability or how light engages in the circularity of life itself.

Since 2000, the New York City Section of the IES has invited students from New York City Art and Design schools to participate in a city wide design competition. The competition empowers students to explore light as an art form, demonstrate light as a stimulus, and prove light as a valuable medium.

Every year, students in lighting, architecture, interior design, art, product design, photography and electrical engineering programs have submitted projects, resulting in a diverse showcase of ideas and interpretations on a single theme.

Patricia DiMaggio photograph

Dedicated to the memory of Patricia DiMaggio
May 5, 1964 - February 28, 2014
The IESNYC Student Lighting Competition is dedicated to our founder, Patricia DiMaggio. As an NYC educator and past president of IESNYC, we uphold Patricia’s goals of education, community, and friendly competition. Having grown from 8 students in 2000 to 150 students today, it is a legacy which will continue to grow with your support. We miss you, Patricia!

2023 Judges:
Leela Shanker (Borealis Lighting Design & Founder of Flint Collective and former SLC winner)
Gustavo Sanchez (IALD, Associate, Atelier Ten)
Noele de Leon (Head of Design & Brand Strategy, The Cosine)

1st Place $5000
2nd Place $2500
3rd Place $1000

Student Competition Committee

Board Liaison, Advisor:
Brigid Hardiman, Lightcraft

John Delfino, Available Light
Shaun Fillion, NYSID | RAB Lighting

Founding Advisor
Randy Sabedra, RS Lighting Design

Steven Greenberg, ROYGBIV, Inc.
Michael Hawkins, SDA Lighting
Chelsea Kreielsheimer, Atelier Ten
Kass Negash, W. Allen Engineering PLLC
Craig Young, Ventresca Lighting Designers

2022 IESNYC Event and Educational Sponsors